In August 2021, Financial Times’ Chris Giles said “Stamp Duty Holiday did not cause the UK house price boom” following a study by think tank Resolution Foundation.  To paraphrase, a rise in house prices occurred in a fifth of local authorities where the Stamp Duty holiday had little effect. His article goes on to quote a senior economist at HSBC and a London based RICS Estate Agent who both espouse the view that the expected slump in house prices following the end of “holiday” did not result in the expected price slump.

By contrast, Stephen Maunder of respected consumer platform “Which” (01/10/2021) says that Rishi Sunak’s tax concessions “…had a seismic effect on the UK property market….”

So, who do we believe?  Anyone who has done any research on the subject will be left baffled when experts from all disciplines of the finance and housing industries seem to have such diametrically opposed facts and figures, not to mention opinions on the subject of the UK house market after the tax holiday.

What remains a fact however, holiday or no holiday is that the demand for rental properties are high and increasing all the time. 

Furthermore, with the pace of the economic recovery following the pandemic being better than expected (in part due to unemployment levels being contained) the forecast for a good return back to pre Covid levels are supported by the fantastic deals available on mortgage rates and interest rises predicted to be “modest and gradual”. Therefore making  the buy to let market a great option for those looking for a low risk investment with a steady yield.

I would emphasize though, that the key part of this is having the right advice and guidance. As I demonstrated earlier, researching online can give you plenty of facts, figures and advice but these are so conflicting, and you can end up even more confused than before you started.

Taking the time to talk to professionals is the best and least confusing way to navigate the deep waters of property investment. Don’t be put off by the thought that someone is always trying to sell you something, ultimately, it’s your choice whether you proceed.

We recommend always seeking expertise from property Selling Agencies, Financial Advisers, Mortgage Brokers and Solicitors If you are interested in becoming a landlord.


So why not pick up the phone and call Casita Properties, you will be glad you did.